Designed Film has years of experience providing commercial window tinting solutions for office buildings, retail stores and other commercial establishments. Our commercial privacy and decorative window films will increase the overall appeal of your building's interior or exterior windows, partitions, and doors. In addition to these areas, Designed Film's commercial window tinting solutions can be installed in private offices, retail environments, lobbies, and conference rooms as well.

About Our Commercial Window Tinting Solutions

Whether for functionality, decoration or privacy, commercial window tints provide all of these desired features but with limitless design possibilities and an added layer of stunning aesthetics. As a leading manufacturer of commercial window tints, Designed Film provides full-service capabilities in decorative and privacy window film finishes. Our team will help business owners leverage the technological advancements in commercial window tinting while providing creative and flexible solutions for interior design applications.

Below are the key commercial window tinting solutions that Designed Film offers:

  • Decorative Window Films
  • Commercial Privacy Films

Our Areas of Expertise

Designed Film can manufacture the following types of films for commercial window tinting applications:

  • Architectural Films
  • Biophilia Films
  • Dot Films
  • Geometric Films
  • Gradient Films
  • Gradient Dot Films
  • Line Films
  • Medical Films
  • Technology Films
  • Unique Films
  • Square Films
  • Triangle Films
  • Fabric Films
  • Solid Films
  • Finance Films

Benefits of Professional Commercial Window Tinting Solutions

Our commercial window tints provide the look and feel of textured, sandblasted, and etched glass. Because our films easily adhere to any glass surfaces, no renovations and extra hardware are required. Business owners can install the films on partitions, windows, doors, and entrances. Additionally, our commercial window films do not need special cleaning or maintenance procedures. Below is a quick look at the benefits that Designed Film's commercial window tinting solutions provide:

  • Make updating the office's design easy
  • Mimic the look of specialty glass
  • Increase privacy
  • Elevate interior design
  • Hide unsightly views
  • … and more!

Choose Designed Film for Top-Notch Commercial Window Tinting Solutions

Designed Film's commercial window tinting solutions are thoughtfully curated to fuel inspiration and actualize any design vision whether it is futuristic or traditional. All of our commercial window films are functional, durable and attractive. They offer varying degrees of coverage and transparency to help business owners create distinct and stylish working zones within their offices.

You can enjoy complete peace of mind that all of our business practices are ethical as we care for both our customers and the environment. Designed Film has achieved a reputable track record of using UL Eco Logo, Green Guard Gold Certified inks and high quality materials to manufacture our customers' commercial window tints. Because we handle every step of the process in-house, we are able to keep our costs low. This means that business owners can always purchase commercial decorative and privacy window films at the most competitive rates.

If you have any questions about our commercial window tinting solutions, do not hesitate to contact Designed Film today. You may also send an email to or call us at 855-576-FILM.