Custom Privacy Film to Highlight Your Brand

When it comes to decorating a business’s conference room or corporate office, amenities such as the carpet, windows, and furniture may be the first things that come to mind. However, for businesses and corporate offices with glass walls, making the spaces functional and practical while also making the brand stand out may seem like a daunting task.

However, with Designed Film, you can create a custom graphic of your choice! The Designed Film team utilizes several time proven strategies to create unique films that express a brand’s personality, tell its story, and engage every client who walks into their office or conference room! We start with understanding what our customers like by referencing out other films options like our Gradient Films or Biophilia Films. We then dive deep into our customer's brand to understand them inside and out, making either bold brand references or subtle hints. In addition, all of our films are manufactured on optically clear scratch resistant PET.

Do you want a custom film?

Follow these steps to create a custom film!

Determine what you would like to achieve

Light Transmission

Do you want to increase or decrease light in a space?


Is it important to block any screens, monitors, or projectors in the room?


Is it important to hide individuals or give the illusion of privacy?

Where do you fall in the decision triangle?

What you are trying to achieve with your custom film will dictate the design and the tools you use to design your film.

Use the tools available to customize your film


Altering the opacity of ink applied to film can impact the light transmission and privacy properties


Add any PMS color to your films


The design of the film is the single most important factor in achieving the goals our customers set for their films.

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From graphic design installations to unique window tints and colors, we manufacture fantastic privacy films that will beautify any office and make brands stand out from the pack. Not only that, but each product is manufactured on high-quality optically clear scratch resistant PET films for ultimate durability. For more information about how Designed Film can revolutionize the look of a business’s space, make sure to reach out and get in touch with our team today!