Designed Film Installation Process & Instructions

Many use our quick and easy process to order window film for a business's conference room, corporate office, or building exterior. A huge part of the process is installing the window film. We are happy to recommend installers in your area that will make the installation process easy and pain free. Our network of installers can tackle any film install.

Below are step-by-step instructions, as well as a video of a quick and efficient install completed by Designed Film.

Do you need your Designed Film installed?

Follow the steps below to properly install your film!

fill a spray bottle with mild soapy water (water and dish detergent) that will be used throughout the duration of the install. Spray the window with this solution to thoroughly clean the interior glass surface where you will be implementing your film with a squeegee, making sure to remove any accumulated dirt or dust. Also, clean the exterior of the window to ensure full clarity. Then, use a tape measure to carefully measure the height and width of the glass surface.

NOTE: The cleaner the film is pre-installation, the better the end result.

unroll the film onto a flat surface, with the protective liner side faced up, close to the window/glass where you will be installing the film. Be sure to leave 1" extra material on the end of the film (both height and width) to ensure the film will fit properly. Thoroughly wet the window or glass surface until the mild soapy water runs down the glass (too much water is better than not enough). Then, wet your hands with the soapy water to avoid fingerprints on the adhesive side of the film, and carefully remove the lining away from the film while simultaneously spraying the solution on each section of the window. Do not leave any dry spots on the film because this will prevent the film from sticking properly.

after completely removing the liner from the film, spray the adhesive surface of the film, and squeegee the water and air out from under the film. Be sure to start approximately 2" from the top. To ensure the best results, this motion will be done from left to right. Also, always wet the film with mild soapy water prior to squeegeeing to prevent bubbles from occurring. 

use a sharp razor blade to trim the film to its proper size. Respray the entire surface of the film and squeegee again to remove all of the water. Be patient because it may take a few days for the film to fully adhere to the glass window/surface.

Additional Installation Information

In order to meet the NYC graphic code requirements, it is important to follow the information below. Contact us for assistance if you have any questions at all; we would be happy to help!