If you have been looking for a reputable company that manufactures durable privacy and decorative films, your search comes to an end here at Designed Film. We have a huge customer base in Washington D.C. and the surrounding areas as we are one of the most trusted brands in this industry.

About Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C., formally known as the District of Columbia is the capital of US, which was founded after the American Revolution. It was named after the first president of the country, George Washington. One of the most visited cities in the world, Washington is an important world political capital. It was established in 1791, when the state of Virginia and Maryland donated land to form federal district, including settlement Alexandria and Georgetown.

One of the key attractions here is the large National Mall between the United States Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial. It is a popular location for presidential inaugurations, concerts, festivals and political protests. Other highlights include the Jefferson Pier, Washington Monument, National World War II Museum and Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Benefits of Getting Privacy and Decorative Films in Washington, D.C.

Privacy window films can be a great addition to your office space, not only to increase privacy but also to enhance the sophistication of glass. You may have different departments in your office, and some may require to be more secluded. This is especially applicable if you frequently deal with client meetings or sensitive information on daily basis. It can be really distracting if someone can peek through the glass partitions.

Most of the businesses in Washington D.C. have meeting rooms or lobby areas. This is a good opportunity to do some branding of your company by having a logo all over the window film. The flexibility to customize the design is one of the biggest advantages here.

Popular Designed Film Collections in Washington, D.C.

Below is a list of our most popular products:

  • Architectural Films
  • Biophilia Films
  • Dot Films
  • Geometric Films
  • Gradient Films
  • Gradient Dot Films
  • Line Films
  • Medical Films
  • Technology Films
  • Unique Films
  • Square Films
  • Triangle Films
  • Fabric Films
  • Solid Films
  • Finance Films

Choose Designed Film for Top-Notch Decorative and Privacy Films in Washington, D.C.

At Designed Film, we manufacture privacy films using eco-friendly Green Guard Gold Certified and UL ECO logo inks. All our products are long lasting, and we use only high-quality materials. We offer film solutions at the most competitive rates in the market, and you will find everything suited as per your style and budget preference.

Our privacy films are available in a wide selection of design, pattern, colors and textures. For custom designs, we make sure to understand your requirement and help you with a sample, before proceeding further. Given the quality of craftsmanship, coupled with excellent customer support, we hardly have any competitor in this industry. 

If you have any inquiries about our standard and custom privacy window films in Washington, do not hesitate to contact Designed Film today. You may also send an email to info@DesignedFilm.com or call us at 855-576-FILM.