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At Designed Film, we offer a wide range of finance films that are manufactured specifically for offices in the financial industry. The wide collection of finance films from our company consists of many designs that are related to finance. For example, we have designs that are based on graphs and even geometric shapes. The finance films also feature a special design in which the opacities can be changed and adjusted based on what the client wants. Many finance firms have hired us to come up with customizable designs that are unique to their needs. There are many advantages to installing finance films and some of the main benefits will be covered below.


It Maintains Privacy in the Office

The finance industry is an exceptionally competitive one, where companies are always fighting to be the best. It is inevitable for finance companies to engage in dishonest activity where they try to steal sensitive information from other companies such as specialized algorithms, actions in the stock market, or even the formula that is being used to account for finances. In order to protect your office from prying eyes, it would be beneficial for you to install finance films in your office environment. They not only suit the financial theme of the office, but also serve as a means of protection from people who want to collect information illegally.


It Improves Productivity Levels

Although in this modern day and age, more and more companies are subscribing to the trend of having an open concept in their offices, some people simply do not work well in a largely collaborative environment. Installing a finance film in order to segment an area meant for the individual work of your employees can greatly improve overall productivity. This can make workers feel more comfortable as they work on their individual projects with minimal distraction.


Finance Films for Windows

There was a case of a company reporting that they noticed a drone from a rival firm flying past their windows in the hopes of stealing their ideas. Luckily for your company, finance films can eradicate the chances of this happening. In addition to looking aesthetically pleasing, its adjustable opacity can allow one to choose how much he or she wants to show to the rest of the world.

Furthermore, this can help to block out the scorching rays of the afternoon sun. This is also beneficial because now less energy and money are required due to the fact that there is a lesser need to turn on the air-conditioning system. Having a layer to block out the hot rays of the sun can allow the room to maintain its temperature so that it remains cool throughout the day.


It Can Strengthen the Glass

These days, no office or facility is completely safe from intruders. Usually when there are intruders or robbers, glass tends to end up being broken. When you install finance films, you can enjoy the benefit of strengthening the glass surfaces because now the impact on the glass is first transferred and spread across the film. This makes the glass harder to destroy and makes it harder for intruders to break into your office or room.


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