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Here at Designed Film, we offer a wide variety of gradient films that can come with their own customizable options. In this modern day and age, most offices use glass walls and glass panels simply because of how classy they look. However, the fact that they are transparent can lead to two problems. First, it is the problem of the lack of privacy in the office for guests, workers, and meetings. Second, it can be hard for people in the office to find the entryways and identify the location of the walls. Fortunately for our customers, Designed Film has the perfect solution: gradient privacy films.


It Can Help to Increase Privacy Levels

These gradient films are extremely effective in increasing privacy for the employees in the office. Essentially, they can block out the happenings in a meeting room from the rest of the world and maintain the privacy of the contents in the meeting. The gradient films are special because they are not fully opaque or fully transparent. Instead, they serve to provide glass walls with a layer that gradually changes from transparent to opaque in a gradient. 


Improvements in Productivity

The gradient films can not only safeguard company secrets and sensitive data, but they can serve as a direct protection of privacy for the workers in the office. It cannot be denied that everyone has his or her own working style. However, some people simply prefer to work in quieter and more secluded spaces. These gradient films can provide an environment where these employees can find refuge and work on their own tasks with greater happiness and efficiency. This can help increase the overall productivity of an organization.


Gradient Films for Windows

The benefits of gradient films are almost endless! Although it has been established that workers prefer an environment where they can enjoy natural sunlight, it can get very uncomfortable when the sunlight becomes too scorching in the afternoon. They not only serve to make office windows look more attractive, but also help diminish the amount of sunlight that enters the office. This can potentially reduce a company's utility bills because the room’s temperature does not fluctuate as easily when there is not as much sunlight entering through the windows. 


Increases the Strength of Glass

Gradient films are only used on glass materials, but they can offer so much more than just increasing the levels of productivity, privacy and lowering electricity bills. Glass windows are an attractive option to install in modern offices. However, glass is regarded as a material that is fragile and one that can break easily. Gradient films can help spread out the impact and prevent the glass surface from shattering and causing physical harm to nearby employees.

Order free 8.5" x 11" samples of any of our gradient films in fully opaque or semi-opaque variations to see which design would be the best fit for your next project! If you have any questions about our gradient films or any of our other Designed Film collections, do not hesitate to contact us today. You may also send an email to info@DesignedFilm.com or call us at 855-576-FILM.


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