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Why is opacity a feature of window film that deserves careful consideration in a commercial environment? How does Designed Film tailor customization options to these considerations?
There are numerous considerations when it comes to privacy. These considerations revolve around the functions of the room that need to remain private, and the level of activity occurring outside of the room that may distract the occupants.


Custom Designs Choosing Different Opacity Levels

There are important factors that come into play when thoughtfully selecting opacity levels of film for your office space. HR offices, administrative offices, conference rooms and sometimes entire office exteriors require partial or total privacy. The deciding factor for the degree of privacy required in these spaces are activities that occur within them. Depending on these activities, you may need to obstruct the outside view of projectors, monitors, TV screens, desks, or individuals. 

Providing adequate privacy does not always mean selecting a fully opaque film. With Designed Film, you’re able to select an opacity level that just blurs the activities of the interior of the room. This allows exterior occupants to see work is underway while maintaining an adequate level of privacy. 

The same applies to preventing individuals from seeing outside. If your office space is next to a busy public place, you can a window film with an adequate opacity to your office exterior, limiting distractions in the office.


20% Transparency

Allows for most light to come through the glass, ensuring not much compromise needs to be made for natural lighting / lighting, while still providing image and color vividness.


30% Transparency

As we move up in transparency visibility through the glass improves. At this level vividness of colors and designs on the film are still present, but become less visible. This opacity level is particularly popular among retail stores looking to maximize see-through properties to display their products better, while maintaining high quality branding on the films to passer-bys.


40% Transparency

Near equal balance between transparency and opacity. At this level, you get great see-through properties while having clarity in the colors and images on the film. This level is a great option for spaces that require a moderate level of privacy.


50% Transparency

This level offers the perfect balance between see-through properties and privacy. This is a great option for windows where maximum see-through is required. For example, this is a perfect opacity level for a shop-floor supervisor’s office as it allows him or her to monitor the shop floor easily.

Designed Film is the best choice when it comes to achieving the right balance between see-through properties and opacity. Our designers listen carefully to our client’s needs, utilizing years of experience to provide perfect decorative privacy films. You can always count on us to deliver high-quality glass films that will not fade and that will not peel over the years.


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