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In this modern day and age, most offices use glass as a common fixture to promote openness and a modern aesthetic. Glass can make an office a very conducive place to work in if you know how to use it well. Being one of the most versatile materials, Glass is  favored by interior designers and architects alike. The transparency of glass allows natural light to enter the office, creating a brighter atmosphere. Natural light is proven to increase the happiness and productivity of workers. 
With lots of glass windows, panels, and partitions about, it makes sense to take actions to protect them. Through installation of window security films, your glass is more structurally secure and safer. Here at Designed Film, you can find a wide variety of different custom films manufactured using the highest quality materials. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider installing window security films in your office


How Window Security Films are Made

Window security films are manufactured by combining several layers of polyester film together with industry-specific adhesives. With window security films, you can choose the thickness of the film based on your needs. The rule of thumb is that the thicker the film, the stronger it is. Usually the thicker films are used as a layer of protection to prevent shattering of the glass.


How Window Security Films Can Improve Security

As mentioned above, glass is a popular and attractive material to have in an office setting. It is also known to be a very fragile material. Glass can make it easy for potential intruders to enter your office because of how easily it breaks. In the unfortunate case that this happens, the broken shards can cause severe injury to you and your workers if not properly managed.

Window security films can help to reinforce the structural integrity of the glass. This is because security films spread the force to the rest of the glass originating from the point of impact. This is why window security films are used in so many offices, banks and institutions. They can help to protect you from any possible break-ins, accidents and even natural disasters that might result in the breaking of glass.


They Can Help to Reduce Power Costs

In addition to strengthening the glass in your office, window security films can also help you to reduce costs in the long run. Many security films can shield you from the harmful rays of the sun, cooling your space at the same time. For hotter seasons and climates, it means saving a bit on your electricity bill.


They Can Help to Increase Privacy

Window security films are also beneficial because of the privacy that can be provided. Though it seems unlikely to happen, there have been past cases of trade secrets being stolen by rival companies because their work was visible from the outside due to the transparency of the glass. The window security films can shield your sensitive information from any prying eyes.



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