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In the last several years, architectural film has become a prevalent and effective element for office space design. This glass film is fully customizable to your space, and whether it’s windows or glass, it provides a wide range of benefits including increased privacy and an enhanced décor, both inside and out. With architectural film from Designed Film, designers and architects can choose from a vast selection of sizes, designs, and other customizable options for just about any building, office space, or other project. Let’s take a look at what architectural film has to offer your space, and what kind of options you can expect from Designed Film.


Custom Designs

Our privacy film can be customized just about any way our clients desire. These high-quality films are tailored to their needs and requirements, whether it be the design, color, or even the addition of their logo for branding efforts. In fact, our state-of-the-art color matching system allows us to perfectly and accurately replicate and add any client’s desired colors to the film. If you cannot find what you are looking for on our collections page, visit our customs page http://bit.ly/2XJqxbJ to learn more about the process.


Opacity Options

Another aspect of the customization process that we prioritize is the opacity of the architectural film. The opacity of the film refers to the amount of white added to it. More ink results in a higher level of opacity, providing improved privacy for office workers and protecting important documents and computer screens from prying eyes. In fact, opacity is one of the most critical factors for our clients, and our vast array of options allows us to meet the requirements of any project or space.


A Variety of Sizes

The scaling of our architectural film to your project is a key component in the overall design. Our architectural film comes in numerous sizes suitable to be adapted to your business’s space. The height of our films can range from 60 inches, 48 inches, 30 inches, 24 inches, and 3 inches. The preferred size depends on the extent of coverage you want, as well as the artistic design desired. All of these features merge together to produce an incredible end product, no matter what the size or application. 


Easy Ordering

At Designed Film, our ordering procedure is fast, simple, and efficient. We process your orders quickly and get them shipped 5 to 10 days after your payment is completed to ensure minimal downtime for your project. We can even provide free samples of our films to allow you to see firsthand the high-quality materials we use with all of our products. 


High-Quality Materials

We manufacture all of our architectural films on optically clear scratch resistant PET. Our PET film is durable and strong, with the ability to thoroughly adhere to glass surfaces. It also has chemical and thermal stability, capable of withstanding the manufacturing process. Our high standard in materials helps to enrich and enhance the end goals and objectives of your project.


Added Privacy

Architectural film is not only perfect for enhancing a décor, but also serves as a means of security as well. It can act as a divider in office spaces, replacing the trouble of setting up a physical barrier. Privacy film is cost-effective and creates a sense of seclusion, using pleasant and attractive designs, all without closing off spaces.

At Designed Film, our team is always on hand to discuss the variety, ease, and benefits of our solutions for design professionals. For more information on our wide range of architectural film options, or to request a free sample, contact us today.


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