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Do you ever notice your employees feeling stressed or overwhelmed while working in an office setting? Unfortunately, the average employee in the United States spends 93% of their life indoors, which limits their exposure to nature, causing a build-up of stress, negative mood changes, and decreased cognitive function (NHAPS). Designed Film has created a solution to help reduce this common issue that many office workers face at some point throughout his or her career. Designed Film developed over thirty unique biophilia window film graphics, with the intention of encouraging companies to implement these designs into their office spaces to reduce the high levels of stress that employees typically face, and replace these feelings with calmness and positivity that will ultimately enhance creativity and productivity. According to the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, many studies conclude that lacking visual contact with the environment can negativity impact the health and well-being of individuals which is why Designed Film is working to promote and add environmental window film graphics into office settings to create a peaceful and relaxing environment.

What is Biophilia?

Edward O. Wilson (1984), an American biologist, defined the term biophilia as “the rich, natural pleasure that comes from being surrounded by living organisms.” According to the Biophilia Hypothesis, humans have a strong connection and passion for nature, and it has a strong effect on one’s overall productivity and mental state. Considering it is difficult for employees to have direct exposure to nature and physically spend time outside during a typical work day, implementing a natural outside feel in an inside environment can have a strong impact on one’s health and mood and ultimately result in better performance and time management.


How can Designed Film’s Biophilia Window Film Benefit Employees?

The biophilic window films at Designed Film not only enhance décor and allow one to reminisce on the beauty of the outdoors, but also increase privacy and safety for conference rooms and office spaces, making spaces feel more secure. Our leaf, flower, water, and tree graphics typically remind one of nature’s peacefulness on a beautiful spring, fall, or summer day with the intention of increasing employees’ overall physiological and psychological well-being.

As an added benefit to promoting a healthy environment, Designed Film manufactures all films using UL Ecologo and Greenguard Gold Certified inks, which guarantees they have low chemical emissions and reduced environmental impact, thus creating an overall healthy atmosphere for the employees. Implementing environmental graphics into an office, hospital, architectural or financial firm, or any work space will not only have a positive impact on the company and the employees, but will also create a better customer return rate and overall satisfied experience.


What Can You Do Moving Forward?

Check out Designed Film’s Biophilia Collection today! You can order biophilia window films in five different heights which include:

60” | 48” | 30” | 24” | 3”

Whether you want to maximize privacy with a 60” or 48” film, provide seated privacy with a 30” or 24” film, or add a 3” distraction film to an existing glass panel to prevent individuals from walking into the glass, a natural, outdoor feel will meet your eye every time you look around the office. You will also have the ability to choose between full opacity or semi-opacity, depending on how much privacy you are looking for. All films are manufactured on the highest quality, optically clear material available which ensures an easy installation that will look great for many years!


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