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Geometric Window Film


Many individuals fail to realize how frequently geometry and fundamental geometric concepts are used in various basic and practical aspects of life whether it is in nature, homes, technology, sports, prescriptions in the medical field, etc. Architects, mathematicians, artists, interior designers, engineers, technologists, computer scientists, astrologists, and construction workers, just to name a few, use geometry when calculating the area, length, volume, and formation of shapes and figures for different plans and projects. Incorporating a geometric window film in a work setting can aid in the critical, spatial, and innovative thinking process, regardless of the occupation.

Designed Film developed their Geometric Film collection that contains an assortment of shapes and patterns ranging from cubes, lines, trapezoids, squares, hexagons, and other unique designs that vary in both thickness and spacing with the intention of fostering creativity, teamwork, problem solving, and intellectual ways of thinking in the workplace. These Geometric Film patterns often take on the appearance of puzzles and form a unique mental image in one’s mind which can essentially be used as an effective strategy to cognitively and emotionally increase employee creativity and engagement that could benefit a project or idea.

Promoting teamwork, imagination, curiosity, and an exploration of new ways of thinking should be encouraged in every work environment to not only benefit the employees, but the entire company as a whole; this can easily be done by implementing Designed Film’s Geometric Films into your company’s office spaces and conference rooms! The Geometric Films offered come in five different heights including 60”, 48”, 30”, 24”, and 3” and two different opacities including full opacity and semi-opacity to help achieve all levels of privacy and safety needed for every space within an office. 


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