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Here at Designed Film, we provide a wide range of architectural films that are made specially for use in construction, engineering, and architectural fields. Many architectural firms have worked with us to create privacy solutions and to assist them in decorating their office spaces with customizable designs. There are many benefits to installing architectural films.They are versatile in the sense that they can be customized according to however you one would like his or her office space to look, and they are also useful in increasing the levels of privacy within the space.


It Can Help to Maintain Privacy

There was an unfortunate case that a large profile company reported. This company had a room that was dedicated to their most important project at that moment. However, one day the employees noticed a drone flying above the ceiling of the room that was made of transparent glass. As it turns out, a rival firm was stealing sensitive information from this company. The owner of the company then decided to install architectural film on the glass ceiling to prevent this kind of incident from reoccurring. 


It Can Help to Improve Productivity

Apart from safeguarding trade secrets and important information, architectural films can protect the privacy of a company's employees. Some individuals prefer to work in more isolated areas. Architectural films can help reduce distractions and allow these employees to focus more on their individual tasks. As such, the overall productivity levels of the firm will also increase.


Architectural Films for Windows

Are you tired of the same old transparent glass windows? Fret not because architectural film has the ability to beautify your windows to turn your office into a more enjoyable work environment. Furthermore, implementing these films into an office setting can help reduce the glare from sunlight. Instead of drawing the blinds when the sunlight is too intense, opt for architectural film that can protect eyes from the scorching glare of the sun. Not only will the film make the windows look classier, they can also increase the overall privacy of the office. Employees can also enjoy the natural sunlight that is known to make workers happier, further increasing productivity levels. 


Increases the Strength of Glass

Architectural film is used only on glass surfaces, but it has other advantages apart from increasing privacy and productivity. Glass windows are extremely popular within many office spaces, however, there are some unavoidable risks that come with it. Glass is known to be a material that is not very strong or durable. Therefore, architectural film can help strengthen the glass windows and doors to improve the safety for employees.

The glass will be protected from potential intruders because the implementation of architectural window film makes the glass much harder to break. Intruders will have to use a significantly larger amount of strength in order to break the glass. This would then result in more noise being made and allows for a greater reaction time. Furthermore, in the case of an accident or even a natural disaster, glass might be damaged or shattered. Architectural film can help serve as a protective layer as it keeps the glass from breaking into dangerous shards. It is important that we do not underestimate the dangers associated with broken glass.

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