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At Designed Film our expertise lies in specialized design and production of films for commercial spaces. Even so, the films we produce are also a great addition to a home setting. 
Links to films: Top Row: Unique Film 18 | Bottom Row: Biophilia Film 12

It's a joy to know our films are providing privacy for a home, and that our hard work has translated into being able to provide a library of film designs that can complement any commercial or residential space. 

There are a few reasons to install window film at your home. Films look great when installed to not only windows, but showers, mirrors, doors and ceilings. Films allow for implementation of privacy and security to windows and other glass surfaces in your home with eye catching design. 

Window film also reduces the cost and hassle of implementing other privacy solutions. For example, lets say you have a glass door next to a busy public place and want more privacy. Instead of purchasing a new door, you can order window film. It costs less and is far easier to receive and install. With Designed Film, you can implement the design of your choice onto your film, even your own artwork. 

If you're looking to outfit your home with window film, check out our library over over 250 unique film designs or submit a request for custom film. 


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