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Do you ever walk into a doctor’s office or hospital that lacks windows and is extremely bare, dark, and empty, making you feel like you are sitting in a prison? Many individuals fail to realize how impactful the design and layout of hospitals, doctors’ offices, and medical centers have on the overall health and well-being of patients. Designed Film created the Medical Film Collection that contains various unique designs of heartbeats, pulses, medicine, and other healthcare symbols, to enhance the décor of these particular spaces to increase patients’ trust, and make them feel more comfortable, and confident that they are receiving high-quality service.

Since many hospitals and doctors’ offices have a shortage of windows leading to the outdoors, Designed Film’s biophilia window films can act as visual simulations that essentially distract the patients, and prevent them from thinking solely about their pain, injury, or illness. In addition, biophilia window films would be a great addition to this type of interior setting because according to the Building Environment Journal, it is believed that nature, specifically trees, and leaves, has a therapeutic effect on patients, resulting in shorter stays and fewer pain medications compared to those who sit in a similar room facing an empty wall (Huisman, Morales, Hoof & Kort, 2012). This reiterates the notion that biophilic design is believed to help create a “healing environment” that works to alleviate any unnecessary stressors from an individual’s life which is a large determining factor in one’s recovery process. Although the implementation of our unique window film designs is very beneficial for the patients suffering from an illness or injury, they also help create a pleasant and safe environment for the staff members as well as the patient’s family members.

Designed Film works to make the process of ordering and finding window films quick and easy, which is why we offer over 250 unique designs as well as a custom option where we can add the PMS color of your choice into the films to brighten up a space. Our custom films would be a great option to implement in the waiting room and/or reception area of medical centers; these spaces are typically where a patient develops his or her first impression of the company. According to author Carolyn Schierhorn (2014), “the appearance of the reception area reflects the attitude and the habits of the practice’s physicians,” and it “teaches patients how you will treat them and how they should treat your office.” When revamping or designing a hospital, doctor’s office, or any type of medical practice, please take Designed Film’s products and services into consideration; this could go a long way when it comes to patient retention, employee engagement, and building trusting/lasting relationships.


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