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Many individuals struggle with selecting the appropriate decorative window film design for his or her workplace or interior corporate setting. Designed Film developed over 250 unique film designs, so when a customer searches the website, they have various options to choose from, with the goal of limiting the frustrations of going through the process of coming up with their own film design. Currently, Designed Film offers decorative window films in an assortment of categories that consist of architectural, biophilia, dot, fabric, finance, geometric, gradient dot, gradient, line, medical, solid, square, technology, triangle, and unique films.  

These designs were created with the intention of targeting almost every industry. A majority of the designs are universal and can be implemented into any setting to enhance décor and increase the overall levels of privacy and safety within a particular space. All these unique designs are offered in 60”, 48”, 30”, 24” and 3” heights and fully opaque and semi-opaque variations so they can work together to help achieve all levels of privacy needed within a space while keeping everything organized and consistent. However, if you do not see what you are looking for, we offer a custom option where you have the ability to choose the PMS color, opacity, size, design, logo, etc. to compliment a brand.

Designed Film is always open to new ideas! If you ever need assistance in selecting or developing the best film for a particular setting or project, our design team will use their creativity and knowledge to aid in the design and decision-making process.

So, why should one implement a dot, square or triangle privacy window film into his or her workplace setting? Although they might not be the most creative or eye-catching designs, they are meant to add simplicity, elegance, beauty, and consistency into a space. Every company has their own strategy and values that work best for them. Research shows that for most companies, employees are more productive, focused, and innovative in a simpler work environment. Forbes supports this notion when author Kimberly A. Whitler (2018) states that “simple workplaces lead to more engaged employees and better business results.” According to a study by Siegal+Gale, “It is believed that 95% of employees gain greater trust, 54% of employees find it easier to innovate, 65% of employees are more likely to recommend someone to work at their company, and 84% of employees plan to stay longer at their jobs” due to a simple workplace environment (Whitler, 2018). With that being said, if one wants a balance between privacy and distraction where he or she can see through the glass windows while ensuring the employees feel comfortable during meetings, these window films would be the best options to choose from. An example of one of our square window films can be seen in the image above, showing a combination of privacy and distraction within the conference room.

Our dot, square, and triangle film collections are some of our largest collections due to the variety of patterns, shaping, line thickness, and opacities available. Some of the designs, such as Triangle Film 19 and Triangle Film 20, work well with one another because they share the same pattern, but the opacities are switched.

Order some free 8.5” x 11” samples of our dot, square, and triangle privacy window films to see which pattern and design would be the best fit for your next project!


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